Mr Stephen Lindsay is a Urological surgeon with 30 years of experience doing Vasectomy and Vasectomy reversal surgery.

The Bendigo Urology Vasectomy service is open to public and private patients.
A “No Scalpel” Vasectomy can be done under local anaesthetic as an office procedure, or under local or general anaesthetic in the operating theatres downstairs at Bendigo Day Surgery. Most procedures are done on Fridays.
Vasectomy provides permanent, guaranteed contraception. 

Initial Consultation

You will need a Specialist referral from your GP before your initial consultation.
The consultation includes a full medical assessment, physical examination and informed consent for the procedure.
You can have the procedure under local anaesthetic, or can choose to be asleep (general anaesthetic). Some men need to have the procedure done under a general anaesthetic for various reasons. 


This is a private surgical practice and we do not bulk bill.
We will provide a detailed explanation of all of the costs involved in your procedure.
If you have Private Health Insurance and have the procedure at Bendigo Day Surgery, most of the cost of your procedure will be covered by your Health fund (depending on your level of cover).
If you have a general anaesthetic, there may be additional out of pocket costs.

The Vasectomy procedure

The “no-scalpel” Vasectomy procedure takes about 30 minutes.
A single small puncture is made in the front of the scrotum. A short segment of the vas tube is removed, and both ends are tied off on each side to stop the sperm getting through. A single dissolving suture closes the skin (this does not need to be removed). 

Post-operative Care 

  • You will need someone to drive you home after your Vasectomy. 
  • Analgesia – you will have a prescription for strong pain relief. Stop by the chemist on the way home and take the pain relief before the local anaesthetic wears off. Paracetamol and NSAID’s should also be used.
  • Rest over the weekend. Don’t do anything that you don’t need to do! 
  • You can start to resume light work and physical activity within a few days when your pain has settled.
  • You should avoid heavy physical activity (work, sport and sex) as much as possible for 1-2 weeks after the surgery. This will reduce the risk of bleeding, bruising and more pain.

Steps in Booking your Vasectomy 

1. You will need a Specialist Referral from your GP. 

2. Call (03) 5442 6330 to make an appointment. 

3. Initial consultation. Your vasectomy surgery is not confirmed and booked until after this consultation.  

4. If you are traveling from a distance to Bendigo or taking a day off work, please let us know when you book your appointment. We may be able to offer consultation and Vasectomy surgery on the same day. 

Can a Vasectomy be reversed? 

Vasectomy reversal is done under the operating microscope – but successful reversal and pregnancy cannot be guaranteed. If you are not sure about permanent contraception, you should not have a Vasectomy.