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A Vasectomy provides permanant, guaranteed contraception.

"No Scalpel" Vasectomy surgery is performed at Bendigo Day Surgery on Friday, giving you the weekend to recover. The initial consultation and vasectomy can often be done on the same day.

About Vasectomy

A Vasectomy takes about 15 minutes. It is usually done under local anaesthetic - but you can have it under a general anaesthetic if you prefer.

A single small puncture is made in the front of the scrotum. A short segment of vas is removed on both sides, and the ends are tied off to stop the sperm getting through. The skin is closed with a single small dissolving suture - there is no need to have the suture out.

Post-operative Care

You will need someone to drive you home after your Vasectomy.

Analgesia - we will give you a prescription for strong pain relief. Visit the chemist on the way home to have the prescription filled. Take the pain relief before the local anaesthetic wears off. Panadol and anti-inflammatories can also be used as needed.

Resuming Physical Activity - you should not do anything but rest over the weekend. If your pain has settled, you can go back to light work work within a few days. You should avoid physical activity (work, sport and sex) as much as possible for 1-2 weeks after the surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding, bruising and more pain.

Follow-up - you need a sperm count 3 months after the surgery before you can be given the "all clear". If the first count is not clear, it will need to be repeated to ensure your sperm count falls to zero. There is no guarantee that you are sterile after a certain number of ejaculations.

* Vasectomy surgery does not work immediately, and there is a risk of failure of the Vasectomy *


Can a Vasectomy be reversed?

Vasectomy reversal is done under the operating microscope - but successful reversal and pregnancy cannot be guaranteed. If you are not sure about permanant contraception, you should not have a Vasectomy.

How to Book your Vasectomy

  1. You will need a Specialist Referral from your GP.
  2. Call (03) 5442 6330 to make an appointment.
  3. The initial consultation will be booked to assess your fitness and to consent you for the procedure. Your surgery is not confirmed and booked until after this consultation.
  4. We will need to decide whether you have a local or general anaesthetic.
  5. If you are travelling from a distance to Bendigo or taking a day off work, please let us know when you book your appointment. We may be able to offer consultation and Vasectomy surgery on the same day.