Vasectomy surgery is performed at Bendigo Day Surgery on Friday afternoons, and at Kerang and Kyabram Hospitals once a month.

"No Scalpel" Vasectomy is minimally invasive, and ensures permanant, guaranteed contraception.

The procedure is usually done under local anaesthetic (or asleep under a general anaesthetic if you prefer) and takes 15 minutes. One small puncture is made in the front of the scrotum, and a segment of vas is removed on both sides. The skin puncture is closed with a suture under the skin. There is no need to remove the suture, but you may feel a small lump under the skin for a few months until it dissolves. The waterproof dressing usually comes off after several days.

Vasectomy surgery is reversible, however microsurgery is needed to rejoin the vas tubes. This can be done at Bendigo Day Surgery, however successful reversal and pregnancy cannot be guaranteed. If you have any doubts about permanant contraception, you should not have a Vasectomy.

Booking your Vasectomy

  1. See your GP and ask for a Specialist Referral to Mr Stephen Lindsay before your first appointment
  2. Call (03) 5442 6330 to make an appointment. 
  3. The initial consultation will include a medical assessment, quick examination, an explanation of the procedure and decision about the type of anaesthetic. Your Vasectomy day and time is not confirmed until this consultation.
  4. If you are travelling from a distance to Bendigo and/or taking a day off work, please let us know when you book your appointment. We may be able to offer consultation on the Friday morning and Vasectomy in the afternoon.
  5. You will need to arrange to have someone to drive you home after your Vasectomy.

Post-operative care

Analgesia - you will be given a prescription for strong pain relief. Stop at the chemist on the way home to have the prescription filled. Take this before the local anaesthetic wears off. Panadol and NSAID anti-inflammatories should also be used as needed.

Resuming Physical Activity - get as much rest (and sympathy) as you can. You should be able to go back to work within a few days as long as your work is not too physical. Reduce your physical activity (work, sport and sex) for 1-2 weeks to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. 

Follow-up - you will be given a follow-up appointment for 7-10 days. At this visit we will organise your followup sperm count.

** Vasectomy does not work immediately., and there is a risk of failure of the Vasectomy**  - you may need several tests to show that your sperm count has fallen to zero. There is no guarantee that you are sterile after a certain number of ejaculations.